On Thaumcraft Research

  • Hey guys!

    So the last time around the server had thaumcraft research set to easy mode instead normal. For those of you who do not know the difference; Easy mode that means you can "buy" the research using aspect points instead of doing the research mini-game. This ends up saving a lot of time spent doing the research.

    I for one very much liked the easy setting. Thaumcraft is a great mod but the research mini-game is a massive time-sink that gets tedious real fast, especially if you've already done it 3-5 times which I, for one, have. My suggestion therefor would be that we alter the server settings to turn on the easy research mode again.

    I know this might not be completely fair to those of you who've already started and that's why I'm making a post to bring this up to discussion. If anyone would object to turning on thaumcraft easy mode then here and now is the time to object. Otherwise I'd very much like it if the admins could consider turning on said easy mode setting. :)

    Thoughts and opinions guys?

  • Staff

    i vote for easy mode

  • Staff

    I dont see any issue with it at all. I'm in for Easy mode

  • Staff

    Currently our server is essentially a "test" server. If we have positive feedback about switching to easy mode, then we can likely continue to do that in future packs as well. I don't do thaumcraft, but I support the general consensus that it's a good idea. Pointless grinding mini-games to hinder progression seems silly.

  • Staff

    went ahead and enabled easy mode with the next scheduled restart, also added aspects to twilight forest items

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