• Gizmo_Telerod
    Place of playing: USA { East coast}

    i found the server from a friend from the CBG Servers and i'm a friend of Cy Night, Cy was a Senior Admin to the CBG sever.

    Ban History: Never been ban before from a Server.
    Well i'm a builder of small towns and love with the Steam tech mods. my latest love was the Ember mode and making my workshop look like it was on fire.. in game one of the other things like to do is build bars and Taverns for others to come hang out in.

    in real life.. i like to draw...and build overpower Nerf guns.

    Short and Sweet.

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest.
    Looking forward to seeing some nice towns! Custom nerf guns sounds awesome, would love to see some pictures.
    Anyway added you to the whitelist, hope you have a good time here. Welcome to Stonebound.

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