• Hello, my name is Christian, and i'm 18, almost 19, and i'm from Mexico.
    I found you because of a friend called _Dani, i haven't been in the mods community a lot, just a few mods that i like are biomes o plenty, and also the mutant creatures mods. I love survival minecraft, and also some PvP, I never had the desire the play a full pack of mods, but when my friend showed me this server, i had a desire to play the online mods, most of them with my friend, and also to know more things about the modpacks. Other things i like to do is to watch a lot of videos on Youtube, and also i like the football (soccer) and I also like programming.
    Hope the staff of Stonebound have a good day and also all the members of this community. :D

  • Staff

    Hey again, have fun playing with your friend.
    Added to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound!

  • Thank you! Have a nice day :)

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