• Hi! My username is _deimOS, I'm turning 20 on the 29th, and live in the US. I found this server on the public listings of FTB Revelations, and thought to apply since I prefer whitelisted servers to totally public servers. I don't have any recent (last 2 years) history of bans, and have never lied about my age. I prefer tech mods, such as pre-bedrockium dust EnderIO, and enjoy expert packs when playing solo. My building skills are alright, but I've been trying to stretch my wings a little and try more ambitious, detailed, and aesthetic builds. IRL, I play guitar, sing, and draw, mostly. I would also like to add that my friend, TheGreatDutchman, will be applying soon as well. Thank you!

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the wait!
    Everyone enjoying their summer and we all get a bit slow :P Added you to the whitelist now, welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing on our servers ;)

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