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    Hello Stonebound Staff (and whoever decides to read this application),
    I'm tolly765, 17 (18 in late September) and from the UK.

    I was staff at Community Built Gaming for two and a bit years (senior staff for around a year of that time) and I've been struggling to find a quiet server that the staff will properly care for and manage since they unfortunately shut down. Starting from custom modding and then moving onto the original Technic pack on release (I'm fairly sure I just put a date to my first modded minecraft experience there), I've always been one to try out new packs as well as relive the classics. Bouncing around from places like ShadowNode and Brierie servers, I've found the lag is either too much to bear or the staff just don't give a damn about their players. Sometimes both. But, from what I've heard from other people here as well as the Alliance I'm willing to give this place a chance and see if I can fit in.

    On top of this, I've been learning how to program things in my spare time as well as learning how to configure and manage servers. CBG and their main founder taught me a lot of what I know now with programming, and from that I've made a discord bot recently (I have no specific task to complete with it, so it only tells people to shut up at the moment... mature, I know) as well as some utilities that helped our old staff internally (ticket viewing through slack, configurable creeperhost API publisher and a modpack checker). I would love to try bring my knowledge to another community that might appreciate it or to learn from the community as well.

    I'll refrain from making this application a short novel, so if there are any questions that you want to ask me, you can ask me on discord (tolly765#4494). Oh, and hi Phit and Amy!


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    Hey tolly,
    can't promise anything about lag, but I try :P Feel free to annoy me on Discord when it gets bad!
    Is the modpack checker for update notifications and maybe open source? I've been meaning to setup something like that for us for Curse packs.
    Otherwise have fun playing here and welcome to Stonebound.

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    @phit It's currently closed source due to the fact that the source code contains private slack keys, but I can omit them and make it open source for you if you wish :D
    As for the lag, I know what you're fighting against so I'll keep the bar low. Anything's better than when I was on ShadowNode. (seriously, 0.6 TPS constant on revelations... like, seriously?)

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