• Hello. My name is Josh and I live in the United States, I am 19 years old. My IGN is hotwings1

    I have been playing modded minecraft off and on for the last few years and have enjoyed playing along with my friend Blue. We both were from the OnTheRocks community and have played several packs together. He recommended that I apply for this server so we can continue playing packs together. My favorite mod would have to be ProjectE as it can be quite overpowered but takes a while to obtain which I enjoy, and generally packs with that are progression packs so it's not something you have from the beginning.

    Hope to play soon, thanks.

  • Helper

    Hey Josh, nice to meet you!
    Thanks for your interest in joining us, you've been whitelisted. Enjoy playing with blue and our community!

  • Staff

    changed account to Josh02022

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