• I'm 20, live in the US, and found this site through just randomly searching for FTB Ultimate servers. No history of bans or anything, just completely new.
    Real name is Jakub, but I'd prefer to just go by my IGN. Been playing this game for years and years, and the same goes for FTB. Favorite mod is Thaumcraft, it's a shame that the developer stopped working on it, but I'm excited for the unofficial Thaumcraft 6 that's in development, magic is just something I tend to incorporate a lot of into my basing. I'm just a fan of PC gaming in general, reading, movies, and chill outdoors-y activities. As a player, I always make sure my base is a pleasure to look at and both very organized and efficient.

  • Staff

    Hey there, thank you for your interest.
    Thaumcraft is alive and well, the newest version for 1.12 just came out a few weeks ago and is on our Revelation server! Nothing unofficial about it either. Anyway have fun on our servers, welcome to Stonebound.

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