• My real name Max, I'm 19 years old, Im from Kazakhstan (Almaty city), have found you in servers list in Revelation pack from Twitch app, was banned few times in 2011 cause i used dupe bug, now i just want to play online with tech mods with other people. Speak eng and rus languages. Cause i live in Euroasia, i will be part of your night traffic. I have also 2 questions: why do you even have white list and can i request warp from moderators? Thank you

  • oh and also i realy like tech, computers ans science. And Im redstoner

  • Staff

    Heya, sorry for the wait.
    We have a whitelist, because we like to curate the people that play on our servers, even just the barrier of applying alone keeps most of the trolls away. No, you can not.
    Anyway added you to our whitelist now, welcome to Stonebound.

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