Story time with Parz, Florida and Germany; Disney World and German Engineering

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    In the early days the vision for Stonebound was nearly identical as it is today.

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    I met Siigari on the FTB message boards. He liked the vision that I had pitched in my post asking for Admin help. And after a few Skype calls he signed on to become our first ‘Head-Admin’. MindBacon was out - and the name Stonebound was born.

    Soon we found our first pack to run on the new server: Test Pack Please Ignore (TPPI). Do you remember that mod-pack? It blended cool mods with custom recipes to balance the experience. Ahead of its time really. It’s influence can be felt in today’s mainstream FTB releases. The goals we set for users - passed quickly. Even some of the developers of the TPPI pack started playing with us. The success of that first pack gave us the momentum but more over it gave us confidence. I will always appreciate the work Siigari did for Stonebound to get things up and running. Here are a couple of videos from his youtube channel.

    Stonebound TPS
    Creeper Jam

    To me, the first round of Stonebound was like the original cast of Saturday night live. Full of big personalities, tons of drama and I’ve it’s filled with nostalgic memories. I think I’ve found a story that will show you what I mean.

    Graphika and phit; Florida and Germany; Disney World and German Engineering

    A lot of things have changed over the years. Folks have come and gone, but some of the originals are still with us. Graphika and phit are two of the OG’s that must be mentioned when telling the Stonebound story. Today you know them as the leaders of the community. But it wasn’t always that way.

    One late night, I was on the server; Teamspeak running in the background I was building a farm using MineFactory Reloaded. I had a basic understanding of how the mod worked. At this point I’ve been playing Minecraft for like at least 3 mod packs. Expert level bitches!

    Over Teamspeak, Graphika asks about MFR. She happens to be working on a tree farm for her base and didn't exactly know what’s wrong with her setup. Equipped with my overconfidence I offer to help. I teleport her over to my base and promptly begin to ‘explain’ to her my setup and how the mod works. Mind you - I don’t have a functioning setup and the youtube video I was watching (copying) hadn’t yet got to the part of how to incorporate the planter.

    Before we go any further in this story - can I ask you a question?
    Do you guys know how phit talks when something goes wrong with the server? To say the least he isn’t the kind of guy who tiptoes around what he thinks.

    Ok.. I’m trying to say that he can come across sharp.

    Ok.. I’m trying to say he can sometimes come across rude.

    Ok, I’m trying to say he sometimes comes across as a dick. As I write this, I’m nodding my head in agreement - just like you are right now. (I love you phit!)

    So back to our story - Here I am, out my depth - rattling on about a mod that I had yet to use successfully. It was at this point - phit cuts in, with his classic measured dry delivery and simply says “no, that’s not correct and I’m not sure you know anything about MFR” Fast forward an hour or so. I’ve rebuilt my shitty build into something that functions. And Graphika has a working tree farm - no thanks to me.

    Embarrassed? Yes. Lesson learned? No, my ego still drives me head first into the ground all the time.

    That’s not the story.. That’s the setup - This is the story.

    I log off for the night, with a new found understanding off planters. The next day, pumped to continue my base. I log back into the server. My base comes into view - my now working MFR build welcomes me. Barrels of Saplings, Wood and Apples are now nearly full. I load up Teamspeak and what do I see? Graphika and phit are still in logged in. They have been talking the entire night..

    And they haven’t stopped. A relationship that all started one night on Teamspeak years ago is still going to this day.

    Today you find them building together. Graphika working on the creative aspects and phit plugging away on the tech tree. That same dynamic plays out in how they lead the Stonebound community, phit working hard on the technical side of things and Graphika bringing her creativity as she manages the community. It’s impossible to tell Stonebound story without the two of them.

    Florida and Germany; Disney World and German Engineering. Graphika and phit

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    Stonebound is dead… Is it all over?

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