• Hey yo. I am age 17, I live in the United states. I found you guys on the public servers list and I have stopped playing Minecraft for a good couple of months and now I am done with that break since i was waiting for all the mods to be updated to 1.12. I have never been banned before and I always like to work with someone in game. If not then I would more then likely live in a cave underground. :P... I am a smart person, not the best speller and or the greatest at magic mods, but I am very good at these mods: Thermal expansion, ender io, Reborn Storage, just basically all the tech mods. My favorite mod has to the thermal expansion because its fun and creative and can always be used. My friend got my into this game around about 1.2.5 release more or less. I currently am working Monday to Thursday 6 to 3 and will be on most of the weekends unless i go out for family vacation (i'm on summer break until August). I am kinda anti social in real life but I always like to play with new people when i get the chance. Gaming is how i open myself to others sometimes when i build a relation ship on a server. I have done this before and i hope to so it again if you accept me. I look forward to hearing from you guys.
    Thank you,

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the wait!
    I've added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and enjoy playing on our servers.

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