• Hello,

    I'm 60 and live in the United States. I found you in the public server list. I have no bans or have I lied about my age.

    I got started in Minecraft in 2011 or 2012 when I saw my youngest daughter playing the game. She doesn't play the game any longer but her husband does on occasion.

    I played on 'The Sandlot' a few years ago for a while but was pulled away from the game for a couple of years. More recently I had a simple server setup to play with my two grandsons, but gave that up when they started destroying more than they built. That's where I got the name change to Grandpa_David from Vasa20

    I've only recently been able to play using modpacks; I've upgraded to a new computer and have been looking for a stable modpack home to play on. Now that I have the processing power I'm interested in FTB Revelation and FTB Continuum. The later for when I'm looking for the extra challenge.

    Old hobbies were gas powered model airplanes, HO scale trains & slot cars, and reading. My first computer was a Commodore 64 that I learned 6502 assembler and BASIC programming on. When my wife and I get settled in our new place in a couple of months I'll probably try model clay... and of course Minecraft. This game is my pain management godsend. I will be playing this game a lot of hours.

    Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to see you in game.

  • Staff

    maybe when your grandsons will get a bit older(?) they will enjoy the creative process a bit more of building pretty and fun stuff.

    Cool to see that some people that got into computing so early are still around and keeping up-to-date, I noticed a lot of older people, my parents included, kinda lose touch with tech the older they get. Looking forward to seeing you on the server, added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound ;)

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