• Good Afternoon! My name is David and im 21 years old. I´ve been portuguese all my life, as you can see im from Portugal. My english is very good because i spent my childhood watching cartoon network in english and speaking with english people over the internet.I´ve never been banned on my life on any game for cheats or anything else. I found your server on the ftb servers website and i liked how you guys manage everything. Im looking for something similiar to what you guys did. I started playing minecraft again recently because somehow this game always calls me back, i play since alpha days when you played on the browser and we had to climb stairs because the floor was flooding with water ahahhahaha, good old days. So i´ve been a gamer all my life, i started with xbox, then went to xbox360 and decided to stop being a pleb and pass to pc master race. One game that conviced me turn to pc was Dayz, i wasted so many hours of my life on that game. About ftb experience, i never learned everything about those modpacks because i always started playing with my friends and they evenually give up so i loose interest but this time i would like to go far. Hopefully if i get accepted, i can join a comunity that can help me alot and we can all have fun together. Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a nice day!

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the wait!
    DayZ is like the worst game to start playing on PC, that framerate :D Shame, they never really went anywhere with the success at the time. Hope you have a good time here getting more into mods, chat is usually pretty helpful for beginners!
    See you around on the server, I added you to the whitelist.

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