Story time with Parz, A brief history of Stonebound!

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    On June of 2014 the name Stonebound was born. It’s got me thinking about all the path we have traveled.

    I’m going to submit a post every day for the next few days. I’m going to tell the origin story at least from my point of view and also make an announcement surrounding the future direction of Stonebound.

    The process of thinking about the history of this place has been really fun. It’s humbling to think about the friendships and great people I’ve had the chance to meet and hang with along the road. Building and watching relationships that started here but transcend Stonebound is in my opinion the best part of this place.

    Each year for my birthday my best mate and I take 10 days and canoe camp in the waters found at the border between the US and Canada. ‘The Boundary Waters’ If you haven’t heard of this magical spot. It’s incredible.

    Three years ago - logging back in after my trip. My avatar was moved into a different place on the map. I was in a room with Graphika, phit, Twitch,Panda, Alleluid, and Dwaing to name a few. I was on teamspeak as they gave me a tour of what they had built.

    A ‘mini’ city - floating on a huge Airship. The statues of everyone from the server could be found around town - fishing, or walking about. Some sitting at the brewery. Others hanging in the library. The level of detail and effort made this place really cool. Inside jokes were played out with statues of people recently banned. Or friends lost to time. A very cool build indeed.

    The folks on teamspeak then sang me happy birthday. Pretty cool huh?

    Stories like this have colored my experience and have made my time with Stonebound fun and memorable.

    Many people along the way have helped to shape this community. Stonebound has survived massive change. We have lost some great people along the way - we have banned terrible annoying people. We have lifted bans - only to ban again. The leadership structure and makeup has changed - from a single leader to panel leadership - and back again.

    Stonebound at its core is a community setup to allow you to play modded Minecraft with very few rules and without a pay-wall. But what makes it special is the people who hang out here.

    I’m going to raddle on for a few posts on how we got here, share some stories that have stuck out and some changes we are making as we move forward.

    Did you know that when Stonebound was first created - it was called Mind-bacon?

    More tomorrow,


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    That's a great idea, Parz! Looking forward to seeing the stories!
    Almost makes me jealous to have missed the early days..

  • Awesome stories. Looking forward to more. And what happened to Mind-bacon? That's a great name. :laughing:

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    @logicengineer you should buy the domain name!

  • @parz Haha, maybe I will!

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