• Whitelist gate ahead! Alright golems, you know the drill! Get me the keyboard and the computer, stat! Oh, uh... Hello, I... You're already here? 'spose I'd better get started. I've already shuffled through the rule and application papers, so let's not waste time.

    Right, jokes aside, let's be serious. I usually theme these to make at least someone laugh, because, let's face it- staff aren't the only ones that read these. Also, even if this gets denied, this should inspire (please do not copy verbatum) others to at least attempt or try to make said fabled "longer applications". I'm with you guys- I like those. Yes, I've been the lead of some places before. And I'm damn good at it.

    I'm currently sixteen, with my birthday lying in December. I do carry one request though- and here's the "TLDR" version of it- Don't stick a number above my head and treat me like I'm so underage I don't know what I'm doing, please. Okay, explanations are in order. I've seen places label such folks as underage, and exclude them from certain activities. I get that this applies for legal reasons, but I personally carry no such obligations. There has already been a conversation about this outside of the internet, and I ended up setting my own boundaries, which followed closely with that of common sense. I'd like to think I know what I'm doing... At least, when it comes to people. Minecraft? Do. Not. Ask. I'll figure it out in about a lifetime, just be patient.

    I'm currently in the state of Maine in the United States. Eastern Standard time, all of that. It's summer, and I have time to kill, so... Here's hoping I can have some fun! I've recently moved back from Florida ew, where I had several issues in that the specific town that I was in was extremely toxic and sometimes hostile to outsiders! I was part of a military family at the time so... Guess how that went. That said, I learned a thing or two on how to deal with people, and I'd like to think I'm a bit more worldly because of it! Oh, and I've been up and down the East Coast at least five times. Fun stuff, especially New York(not manhattan/staten island). Hey wait... Canadian server? Oh nice, I'm close!

    I originally saw you, scrolling by on the public server listing after installing FTB Revelations. I did some digging, and here I am! I don't really know which mod does that, though. Seems neat.

    Twice. Twice, I've been banned, Twice, I've been appealed. One, a mistake, second a backstab. Number one: The story goes a little something like this: About six years ago, there was a player. The player didn't like me that much simply because of one particular hobby (See below). Needless to say, I did not know about it. He asked for help in retrofitting a landscape to fit his needs. I move their items and notify them that they have been moved, and where they've been moved to. I even move them back in the end. I finish the job in about three hours, and log off. While I was off doing other things, said player turned around and accused me of griefing and stealing, and of course it's a large server, and of course there were logs to prove it. There was a week tempban for this, but after appealing, supplying my side of the story (Which again, the logs proved) I was accepted back into the community. The other player had gotten compensation for the "stolen" items, and then was tempbanned himself, as well as inventory reset for effectively duping his primary storage setup. I don't fool around, true story. Number two: This isn't in order, but who cares. Roughly five years ago, I was stuck on high-latency satellite internet with a bandwidth cap, with the lowest ping I've ever seen managing 949ms, and the average being ~1000ms depending on time of year. This of course meant that my player in-game only moved once every second, and this had apparently grown suspicious. I ended up being perm-banned for hacking, which was then appealed shortly after. The service provider in question? HughesNet. I hear they've gotten better... At least speed wise. 25mbps down now, versus the 5 i had. Latency might still be bad, I don't suggest getting it.

    Lying about my age is really counter-intuitive, and I personally think that if I need to lie about my age, then there's probably not much wrong with me, but everything wrong about how the community of the game, community, service, or otherwise would end up treating me even if I said I was twenty-one. I just don't mess with it- hence here, I fit the absolute minimum age- just not the ideal one. I've not done it, and avoid games or services that would need me to, if I were to want to access content that badly.

    Hobbies and interests- oh boy. As you can probably tell, I'm somewhat of a writer. Though, I've yet to get anything to the point that I could post or release much. I've not had the motivation to finish anything properly in quite some time. I 'spose this counts, but... Well.

    Moreover, I'd openly say I'm a furry. Odd, right? There are plenty who see that we're immature, and shy... So I should hide, right? Wrong. I've no reason to hide, nor do I have intent to. Don't like dealing with it? Hey, we're acting as though we're adults here, right? Let's discuss it and settle our differences! Plus, I don't act like one around people. It's just bad news, especially if people don't agree with it. Why did I put it here? Felt like it.

    Games. More games. All... of the games. Fifty one on Steam, two Microsoft Store games (Minecraft being one), fourteen Playstation 3 games, five Playstation 4 games and fourteen standalone games. I've seen it all, from RTS (like Command and Conquer), which got me hooked on it, to the latest and greatest and most popular FPS games (like Call of Duty: BO3, PUBG. I've even given Fortnite a try.) I'm not necessarily addicted, it's just my main form of entertainment these days. I don't really watch TV.

    Minecraft. Okay, you got me. Minecraft was my eighth game I've ever owned, and was gifted to me by a friend with the mentality of "Hey, try this out! It's got potential." Since then, I've finished the vanilla game dozens of times, and have even finished a few modpacks. My greatest achievement within the modpack realm was finishing FTB Infinity Evolved, all 170 (?) mods or so. By far my favorite mod to mess with is probably Applied Energistics 2. Honorable mentions would be Thaumcraft 3 through 6, Tinkers, Thermal, Ender IO, Twilight Forest.

    In-game quirks and behaviors... I have a few. I build my bases modular, especially after the half-way point of Infinity Evolved. I'm not a fan of anything below my monitor's refresh rate and can't stand lag. I don't use it 24/7? I try to plop an off switch into it, somewhere. Oh, and once I can- I use tesseracts when possible. My favorite vanilla thing would be probably be subsurface, be it water or ground bases. Sure, above ground bases are one thing, but subsurface bases are so fun to do. Especially since you can hide cables easier.

    Oh. Oh no. I think this was a bit too long... Uhm... The one time I did a TLDR... I should have kept that going, probably. Oh no. Uh, I need some water. I'll be back in like, a day. Or whenever this gets looked through and has a label slapped on it. I'll uh... Be going now. Bye...

    {EDIT 1} Apparently indentations mean code blocks. Markdown, you're so silly. Fixed so you didn't have to scroll!
    {EDIT 2} After reading past applications, I've modified my application's bans section.
    {EDIT 3} Fixed a discrepancy. AE2 didn't exist six years ago (I think?)

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Even though this was probably one of the longest apps we have gotten, we have decided to decline your application.
    I hope that you understand, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a server that is suitable for you.

  • Well, I suppose I'll need to be on my way then. I suspect age played a role in it, so I have no real business sticking around- especially since I can't do anything now with this being denied. Have a wonderful day!

    {EDIT} Oh, and I wouldn't mind if this topic were closed and marked to be archived ASAP.

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