• Age: 24
    Country: Sweden
    Found you: Through a friend

    So I'm the type of guy who loves redstone and always love to make as complex machines as possible that I can't even comprehend myself how I made them. When I start something I usually always wanna commit to it so I HOPE MY FRIEND READS THIS AS WE MIGHT BE HERE FOR A WHILE OK? That's for him don't mind it.
    I always loved to play around with the command block and had some fun with it to make some awesome redstone machines but from my understanding I will have even more to play around with in Feed The Beast!

    I'm a gamer and have been for a long time and spend way to much time infront of the computer playing games such as Path of Exile, WoW, Arma, DayZ, Battlerite, Overwatch. I also don't like to talk about myself so this is very difficult for me so ya...

    Have a good one!
    Sincerely Rahto

  • We'll definately stay here for awhile, don't worry about it. ;)

  • Staff

    enjoy playing with your friend! Added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound ;)

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