• Age: 33
    Country: USA
    How you found us: Google
    Started Minecraft during Alpha, but did not get into it until playing a mod pack in 1.5.4. My favorite mod is Mekanism, but is rarely in any mod packs. In game I enjoy automating stuff. I mostly play games in my free time. I also dabble in modding. Currently, I only maintain a mod for Factorio that reorganizes mods into fewer categories. I also made a similar mod for Rimworld, but have not published it. They are mostly for me because I hate how many mods can get things so disorganized.

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the wait!
    Neat little mods, thats how modding should be, make something for yourself and be nice enough to share it with the rest of the games community. Hope you have a good time here, added to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound ;)