• Name is Mattias, im 20 and i live in Gothenburg, Sweden and i'm currently studying webserver programming.
    I really don't have much of a hobby more than playing video games, photoshopping and watch anime shows, not much of a sports dude either (sorry!).

    I took interest of Minecraft in pretty early of Minecraft's development and i've had my account since the early versions of alphas and stopped play between 2011-2012 and therefore super curious coming back to this wonderful nostalgia video-game and at the same time, very excited to try something new as i really don't know what i'm getting myself into, but i've heard feed the beast is a pretty big mod pack. I personally like minecraft servers with whitelist enabled because i tend to like small communities rather than the big ones and therefore decided to join this server! I haven't had any bans or punishment on any of the minecraft servers i've played on not that i can recall atleast.

    Hopefully this wraps things up about me and my "past" and maybe we'll see each other on the server! - Matsan12

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    Chatted on Discord, whitelisted.

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