• IGN: Elequii

    Age: 19

    Found by: FTBServers

    How I got into Minecraft: I had some family playing minecraft during Alpha and by mid-to-late Beta they are me reeled in, honestly not much more to it than that. I have never beat the vanilla game I have played modpacks before "Tekkit Classic" was "Classic" if I had to guess around 1.4 maybe earlier? I have tried playing vanilla but it is boring and plain, I enjoy the challenge and complexity of modpacks. My favorite mod is Applied Energistics, contradictive to my statement of enjoying complexity I love how simple the storage and crafting system is.

    What I do in real life: I am computer technician for my local school district, I am the typical IT guy you call to come fix your stuff, because teachers with Master's degrees can not turn on a monitor (literally my first week this happened). I am also currently the Help Desk operator, so on top of the users not knowing what is wrong I have to decipher what they tell me over the phone, as I am sure many of your know, that is a challenge. If you do not know what being a PC Tech is like, believe me when I say all the memes to ever exist about IT Jokes and what not 99% chance it is a thing or happened to someone.

    Hobbies: I play video games, consume content. YouTube is my primary source of entertainment outside of Crunchyroll which is followed by Netflix. Outside of that I work on cars, for instance we are about to swap a 393 from my dad's 10 y/o project a '73 Mach 1 into a '90 Foxbody because he is tried of the '73 body and fixing literally everything. Cars was actually my second choice in technical college, we built the 393, we did not machine any of the components or bore out the cylinders but we did of course assemble the block (which is a 351 Windsor btw).

    Other info: I am blunt and straightforward but interestingly enough I have great customer service.

  • Staff

    Hey there, thank you for your lengthy application!
    Sure know what it's like, been doing support stuff for this server and in other minecraft related channels for years, so I know the feeling myself too well. Hope you can relax from all of that on our servers, I've added you to the whitelist.
    Welcome to Stonebound.

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