• Name : Adam
    Age : 19
    Country : UK
    I would like to join this server because it seems that you have a great community with out the grievers in mine craft, i found your server on some minecraft forums i was browsing about FTB
    I have no bans or haven't been kicked of any servers.
    I've been playing minecraft for many years all types of mods from manapool to nuclear power mods. My Favourite mod right at this moment is tinkers they seem to be adding more and more in and getting bigger and more expansion overtime.
    I enjoy Making big structures with mechanical machines inside and getting advanced robotics involved as well.

    I Hope you guys accept my application and look forward to hearing your reply

    Kind Regards

  • Staff

    Heya, thank you for your interest!
    Enjoy playing on our servers, added you to the whitelist.
    See you on the server soon and welcome to Stonebound ;)

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