• Hey there,
    My name is Luke, and I a 19 year old living in Canada. I've recently gotten back into FTB, and found Stonebound on ftbservers.com. I've always been attracted to community based servers instead of servers that have players coming and going frequently. I have never been banned on any Minecraft server ever, and plan not too haha.
    I'm currently a high voltage technologist co-op student & electrical apprentice working on high voltage transformers, motors, VFD's etc.
    I love talking tech and/or electrical topics with people so if you're ever wanting to talk I'm always open!
    I also play pickup hockey and follow the NHL (go Pens..rip).

    Hopefully this application is sufficient enough, and I'll (hopefully) see you around the sever!

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the extended wait!
    Got server with some server performance issues and forgot to reply, added you to our whitelist now.
    Welcome to Stonebound and enjoy playing on our servers :)

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