• Hello !

    I'm 19 yo and I've been playing Minecraft since I'm 14 but unfortunately I come from France.

    Me and my friend are willing to play again on FTB and we were looking at a cool server to play on. So I was browsing on Internet and I founded your community.

    When I was younger I got ban on a pvp server for cheating, but now I'm reformed and cheating is for me something useless because you don't have the satisfaction of archiving your goal.

    I got into Minecraft during my "Collège" period so around 14 yo. It's the friend with the one i'm playing who got me into Minecraft and if I remember well I started the game on the 1.2.5 update.

    To know me a bit more, i'm studying languages at the University so my English is not that good I know.
    As a person people describe me as a patient and cool person but a bit salty sometimes but it's rare and only on League of Legends .
    In game, as long as I have something to listening to like music or friends, I can farm for hours, I also like to experiment new things in build for example. Also in chat I don't talk that much but I won't refuse any services or things like that.

    Don't kill me for my grammar plz x)

    Thanks for your attention


  • Staff

    Hey Tyzonn, your english seems perfectly fine!
    Hope you have a good time on our servers, whitelisted you and welcome to Stonebound.
    Also sorry for the wait, our forum had a little outage.

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