• IGN - RiceAndDog
    Age - 22
    Country - USA
    Found - ftbservers.com
    Bans - n/a
    About - Played a lot of ftb/minecraft previously, but haven't played in a while. Usually play on smaller, friendlier servers with active players. Will probably play excessively every day for a few weeks before I get burnt out and stop. My time is split between work, video games, and eating. This is the fifth sentence.

  • Staff

    this you? https://namemc.com/profile/Survivala4.1
    RiceAndDog is currently not a used Minecraft username

  • Yes sorry, I forgot that a while ago I had my account broken into briefly before I recovered it. I just now changed the name back to RiceAndDog as of about 2 minutes ago.

  • Staff

    Mh, added you to the whitelist now! Have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound.

  • Thanks, I appreciate it. I look forward to seeing you guys around. Which server do you recommend I play on? I've played ftb previously but none of the new packs, and it seems a brand new one was released very recently.

  • Staff

    Well depends what you are looking for, Revelation is definitely the easier pack, with no recipe changes and just a lot of mods thrown together.
    If you want a more grindy but linear progression, FTB Continuum is the newest FTB expert pack, as it just launched it is a lot more active than Revelation.

    In the end up to personal preference, chat between our servers are linked, so whatever you pick you wont be really alone.

  • Thanks for the information. I'll probably try Continuum, but for now off to work. See you around.

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