• Age: 16

    Current country: England

    I found you while looking for FTB Ultimate servers but instead found your one and eventually found this website.

    I hardly have any bans but I went through a period where Minecraft was boring and I decided to use X-ray on vanilla servers because I wanted to try it out, I don't do this anymore and have since found an interest in Mod-packs and FTB I haven't really lied about my age before, I have always been honest about it because the truth usually always comes out in the end so there is not much point in lying about it. I just really want you to know that I wanted to be honest with you here and to let you know that I really don't do anything like this anymore and that I find working for my own resources is a lot more fun and rewarding than using things like X-Ray or freebies off other players

    For me as a person, I don't really know what to say here I like to play Minecraft and have been recently revisiting it a lot and I think I have an interest in it again I first got into it a few months after it came out and I really enjoyed it and it gave me a sense of creativity which I really enjoyed, I don't think I have played enough mods in order to say my favourite but I do like the Forge Mod where you can melt down metals and create cool weapons with casts and stuff. My favourite thing to do in real life at the moment is probably fishing as we used to own a fishing boat we did a lot of it and I really found it really fun.

    I really hope you add me to the sever, I will try and not create any trouble. Thank you for reading!

  • Staff

    Whitelisted, keep in mind our Ultimate server is pretty much dead playerbase wise, very few people still looking to play that pack. Might wanna check out some other servers we have, otherwise chat is still linked to the other servers.
    Anywaym welcome to Stonebound!

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