• Age: 17
    Location: United States East Coast
    How I found you: Google searching for a Continuum server
    I got into Minecraft 5-6 years ago when I played on the Xbox 360 with my friends. I ended up selling stuff at in a garage sale in order to get the $20 needed to buy the game. It wasn't too long after that when my friend introduced me Tekkit Classic and I was instantly hooked onto the game. Whenever I went over to his house I would play it for hours on end with him and since then I've been playing modded Minecraft. My favorite modpack is without a doubt Big Dig because the extreme competitiveness of the market and factions, but my favorite mod in general is either Thaumcraft or Gregtech. Thaumcraft is such a cool looking mod as well as a useful mod while Gregtech adds an industrial feel to the game that is more realistic than other mods. I love to play with other people and am waiting for the Continuum server to come out and hopefully group up with someone :). I've never been banned from any server, especially because I try to be friendly with everyone and helpful as possible.

  • Staff

    Hey there, thank you for your interest.
    Cool that you found us even before we launched, look forward to meeting you on friday, just added you to our whitelist!
    Welcome to Stonebound.

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