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    Probably your oldest applicant :/ I'm over 40, in England, and found you on whilst looking for a small community server. I played vanilla Minecraft from about 2005 til 2016 on and off, and then found IE and have been hooked on modded thereafter.. The mods I like best are AE2, Thermal Expansion/ dynamics , and now Xnet: the magic mods don't really grab me, although I had a long dalliance with Thaumcraft.

    I work full time, so don't really do much outside of work and then gaming in the evenings. As I am older and am mostly pretty calm, drama and arguments I have very little patience for, especially in-game.. life is too short to argue over pixels. I have been a Moderator on three servers, and banned from one. I joined a server that had been recommended to me, and encountered some interesting trees that bore fruit (Vanilla MC), which I hadn't seen before. I asked what mod/plugin they were from, and got no reply. I asked later, and a Moderator said 'type /mods and work it out'. I did, but couldn't work it out, and said so, at which time 'You are Banned' popped up.. upon appeal, apparently I was 'trying to steal our mods', even though following instructions. Never ever join a server with 14yr olds as Mods.

    Here's hopin..


  • Hello Myrr!
    Thank you for your interest in our community :).
    Sorry to disappoint you but you are not the oldest. While most members of our community are below 20 there are quite few older folks including myself :D .
    Thank god we have no dramas here, that would be bad ;).
    I just added you to the whitelist, welcome and have fun!

    PS, our head admin is 12 and knows only one word "no" so... jk jk haha :P

  • Staff

    :thinking: yes

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