• i'm 19, i'm currently in the US, I found this server on the public server list, and I have 1 ban from like 6-8 years ago i think.

    I like playing by myself or with other people, i really like tinkers construct, and i got into minecraft maybe 8-10 years ago. I'm a pretty good and nice person, I prefer to play with keep inventory so if you could tell me if its enabled that would be good. If you don't that's ok to i'll still play if you accept me into the server. I also pretty much mostly play games on my computer all day.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    We do not currently have keep inventory on, and typically do not have it enabled on our servers.
    However, I do hope that you enjoy playing with our community regardless, and have gone ahead and added you to the whitelist. 🙂

  • i keep getting this0_1522876143588_Capture3.PNG

  • Staff

    should be good now

  • ok it alright now

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