• Hello. I am 19 years old from from the US east coast. I found this server on a server list while looking for modded whitelisted servers since the previous ones I've been playing at have been relatively dead. I've been playing at whitelisted servers for a while now since I enjoy knowing most of the community, and having a trusting community not built on claiming land and banned items to prevent griefing but trust between players. I have been banned from a server at least once and even maybe more a few years ago. I've had multiple friends that played minecraft servers back in 2014 and one had convinced me to hack. I've been hacking for a few months in 2014, but got banned and eventually decided to stop because I realized it was stupid and unfair. I have not hacked since. At the time I was starting to also move towards modded minecraft because of the more play styles it allowed. I generally enjoy expert type packs with strict progressions, and I want to try Rise of the Pack which I've never played before. I am not a very creative person and therefore generally live in cobblestone blocks, and work on trying to automate while not caring how good my house looks.

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry again for the wait!
    Thank you for being honest about your ban history, I think a lot of players did stuff like that in their past. As long as you own up to it, it's no big deal to us. I added you to our whitelist, have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound 😉

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