• I'm 17, from Australia and am turning 18 in a month's time. I found out about this server from friends and want to join along with them (Armies of me and Unknown_Other). I have not been banned on any minecraft servers.

    I'm currently an IT student in university. I've played through Feed the Beast infinity mostly, while touching on revelations and a group of other mods that I can't remember. The OpenComputer mod interests me greatly, and I've played around with it on my own worlds, essentially it is the reason I play through the mod, so I can experiment in that area later on in the game. Automated farming robots are about the extent of my creations, but they work so it's all cool. I think the blood magic mod is cool as well, so I delve into that on the side for fun, even though there are arguably more efficient mods for anything you can get from the mod. I'm currently learning to surf when I have the time and money to, when I'm at home I listen to music, and play games/do code projects/generally exist on my computer. Occasionally I get into the mood to do some wargame/tabletop roleplay stuff, but that's not what I really do mostly. Some of the stuff I've seen on here being made by other players is pretty handy, (watching mates playing on the server) so being able to contribute/look at them myself sounds pretty swell too.

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    Heyo, sorry for the wait!
    I messaged Unknown_Other about you over a day ago and haven't heard back yet, that's why your application is still pending. If you could nudge him to check his Discord messages and he can clear up some of my questions that would speed things up.

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    Added you to the whitelist, have fun on the server!

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