• 17,US

    I found you guys through the FTB revelation server list and thought that it looked like a very fun to join a server.
    I work at a pizza place and have been enjoying minecraft since it was released, and have been playing modpacks
    for a couple years now. I have never played on a ftb server before but am looking forward too.
    Please consider me for approval you seam like the type of group looking for nice genuine people and i can
    assure you that i am.

    (please keep in mind that i'm a terrible writer)

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest.
    First modded server? 😮 Well I hope you have a good time here and always feel free to reach out to me for about any issues.
    Added you to our whitelist and welcome to Stonebound!

  • hey phit can try re-white listing me my user name doesn't have any capital letters that's my bad

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