• Hey 👋 Im just a 21 year old account manager who wants to find a place online to relax and unwind. Ive played Minecraft since freshman year with my friend PacMan and even ran some servers , but now years later after dealing with life we’ve decided to come back in and play. FTB would be the obvious choice as I have played Minecraft over and over and I’m beyond done with how slowly Mojang implements things. I throroughly enjoy the experience I get from playing in a nice community with variety of people and hopefully with the crazy amount of mods, having some others around should really help!

    After not playing any sort of MC - Me , my husband (Millza90) , and Pac found a server to play on recently but after being bombarded with resets and server issues - we have given up. Im just hoping this can be the new community we join and stay at - without having our map reset every couple of days due to issues ... but hey! Cheers to new opportunities 😄

    (Edited for better structure , I work too damn much at the office give me a break ;p)

  • Great friend of mine and we've played together for years!

  • Staff

    Hey, so first of all let me say sorry for the wait.
    But we weren't really sure about whitelisting you and due to the holidays it took a bit longer to settle that internally.
    Either way, I've added you to the whitelist now, have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound.

  • Thank you!! 🙂

    And Any particular reason ? I assumed doing an application was mostly to get someone to stop and basically show they aren’t trash players. I didn’t think sothing I said or didn’t would either let me be accepted or not , I woulda have maybe worded it better ? - idk I guess I felt like I was in high school for a sec when they do the “whos team will you be in for kickball” type of scenario

    Anywho I’ll hop in after all these holidays dinners 😄 🐣

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