• 27, USA.

    I recently had an old friend suggest your community, he's been playing on your revelations server. I've been feeling the itch lately, and the two of us go way back to the noxftb community. I started playing minecraft very early, and haven't really stopped for long. In game I love automation and tech, but more than anything I like attempting builds of impressive scale.

    Outside of game, I'm a process system programmer, and an automation and controls integrator. My addiction to modded minecraft and garry's mod I like to think actually pushed me into this career!

    Some previous builds below:

    alt text


    alt text

    alt text

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the wait!
    I added you to our whitelist, now welcome to Stonebound and enjoy playing.
    Looking forward to see some more of your builds, looking good 🙂

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