• Age: 21
    Country: United States - West Coast
    Found through:
    Bans: none (that I know of?)

    About me:
    I'm a Computer Science major in my senior year of university. I love dogs! I've never played a whitelist server before (unless you count a server with 4-5 mates that only lasts for a month), but I hope the whitelist filters out some of the people who aren't so fun to play MC with lol. I've been playing modded minecraft for at least 4 or 5 years now.

    I was really involved in an FTB ultimate server where I was given admin. I played through about 5 maps to complete endgame on ultimate with only personal anchors. (Had 36 fusion reactors which I think might be a survival record but I'm not sure - all of which had supporting systems to keep them running 24/7). I'm also quite adept at bees and forestry in general. I love automation

    As for other games, I play Runescape 3 and that's about it (2.2b xp & comped if that means anything to you). I used to be really into gaming as a kid but I find it hard to play anything other than RS3 and Minecraft lately.

    Thanks for considering me!

    My proudest base. (surprisingly TPS friendly)
    alt text

  • Staff

    just fyi our Ultimate server isn't really populated, very few people nowadays care for that pack. So I'd recommend checking out some our newer servers, if you weren't planning on anyway, wasn't quite clear from your app.
    Anyway, added you to our whitelist, have fun playing.

  • @phit

    Yeah I'm pretty much done with Ultimate haha. I'm looking for a Revelation server! Which is how I found you guys.

    Thank you!!

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