• Age: 21
    Current Country: United States
    How I found this: My friend at university suggested we play together
    History of bans: None!

    Some information about myself:
    Irl, I'm a chemistry and biology undergrad student that works in a lab in which, I honestly do a lot of repetitive detailed work (twin spotting and screens). Surprisingly, I actually really enjoy that sort of stuff (probably why I spent most of my middle school years grinding on runescape), so naturally minecraft seemed like a reasonable extension of that with more opportunities to build and be creative as well (another one of my irl hobbies is just tinkering and building stuff, so this is a nice virtual equivalent). Anyways, minecraft has been my stress relief for the last few years now and my friend has suggested we play on this server together and it seemed like a good idea. I enjoy survival mods, with my favorite of all time being chocolate quest, and I think most FTB mod packs are quite good as well. This server as it seems to offer a lot of the essential mods + objectives that would make this a good collaborative opportunity with my friend.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for you interest!
    Hope you two have a good time together on our server, I whitelisted you just now. Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing.

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