• Age: 14
    Current Country: US
    How I Found Stonebound: Friend Found it on the 1.12 Public Server List
    History of Bans: Frozensoul Network and I believe another but I might have been unbanned (and it was years ago)

    If you have any questions just ask me I'll be happy to answer most.

    Hello, I am here because there are not many servers I can find that are decent. I am fluent in English as well in Polish (Although I seriously prefer English). I can confirm my age, if you need proof of my age I can provide. I have lied about my age before when I was 10 or 11 but that was to get accounts for YouTube and such. If you find that what I said about my bans isn't true: I'm sorry I'm not a perfect human being and I am not able to recall everything.

    I'm decently laid back and maybe a bit cynical and nihilistic but I should be ok.
    I got into Minecraft by seeing a YouTube video years ago and I've been playing it ever since. Since then I've been an admin on a server in the past. When it comes to Minecraft I often have odd solutions to odd problems and I like to build my bases within chunklines (because if it doesn't i get bothered with myself) and alot of times it's a large aesthetically pleasing factory structure.
    I take whitelisted servers much more seriously than non-whitelisted ones.
    I have a tendency of playing Planetside 2 which is a very tactics based game along with some CounterStrike and other source engine based games.

    I am quite an eccentric human being.
    My name is Daniel but people have many nicknames for me. You guys can make up your own because I don't think I want to get into that.

    I have a decent knowledge of computers and my specs are a 6700k and a RX 480 8GB edition along with an M.2 Drive. I'm generally a huge nerd and spend alot of time being one.

    I'm just a bit of a weaboo and koreaboo and I watch a decent amount of anime in my spare time. I often get dragged unwillfully into Kpop related events (because people really like to see me die of anxiety and I have fun stories) and that's one aspect of me that can be a bit fun because at this point it's a larger part of my life than I wanted it to be. (I get it I'm quite the weirdo)

    Some music I listen to is EDM such as Future House and Electro Swing, Sometimes some generally chill music or vaporware or dare I say the aforementioned Kpop.

    I've been playing modpacks since Tekkit and Yogbox back in 1.2.3 and I have a considerable amount of experience when it comes to tech modpacks.

    I am a decently passive person to the point where I'm described as an emotionless robot and I don't typically make a problem unless I have a good driving reason.

    Some of my favorite mods are Forestry and Project Red. Some things I do in real life are a very large amount of biking (due to lack of better mode of transport) and some eccentric photography here and there. I used to have a tendency to build computers in Minecraft using Project Red and other weird things of similar sort.

    I like to do realistic 3D rendering in Blender too because there's an odd satisfaction of using a node/patcher and multiple textures/bumpmaps/othermaps on one surface to make something that looks really realistic. I know HTML and CSS very well and lua and python/basic less so but I can make programs in them neverless in minecraft if there are mods that allow for that.

    Since I'm not a perfect human it's probably better that I gave you all this seemingly useless info because if I described myself it would be skewed. This info helps you figure out what sort of person I am instead of me telling you.

    Enough about me how are you guys doing.

    Industrious Industries#5416

    I heard you guys like long applications so...

    Thank You for Reading Through -Industrious

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest and sorry for the wait!

    Hope you have fun playing with your friend on our servers, welcome to Stonebound .

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