Skyblock - Changelog & Banned Items

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    No changes so far! Current Server Version is 1.0.4

  • Staff

    We updated to Infinity Evolved Skyblock 1.0.4

    Mods Added:
    -YUNoMakeGoodMap - Fixes Nether Void Generation

    Mods Updated:
    -Custom Things 0.0.3-49 - Resolves a crash with Logistics Pipes and Achievements
    -FTBIslands 1.0.2 - Fixed case sensitivity issue preventing tab complete on spawn island commands
    -FTBUtilities - Fixes rare serverside crash
    -Logistics Pipes - Fixes conflict with pipes and tesseracts not working together

    -Disabled Void Generation in ExNihilo

  • Staff

    We updated to Infinity Evolved Skyblock 1.1.0

    Mods Updated:

    • BrandonsCore
    • Draconic Evolution 1.0.2a
    • Excompressum 1.1.113
    • fastcraft 1.23
    • FTBIsland 1.1.1
    • FTBTrophies 1.0.7
    • ImmersiveEngineering 0.7.5
    • IC2 2.2.819
    • Logistics Pipes
    • Resource Loader 1.3
    • Storage Drawers 1.9.7


    • Main Menu links for servers/changelogs fixed
    • Disabled Thermal Expansion recipes for MFR


    • THAUMCRAFT: Metal nugget dupe bug fixed
    • THAUMCRAFT: Fixed Paving Stone of Travel recipe (Changed the invalid aspect)
    • WITCHERY: Changed the anointing paste recipe (No longer has to deal with nbt)
    • BUILDCRAFT: Gear Achievement Fix
    • TINKERS CONSTRUCT: Slab Tool Forge Fix
    • AE2: Added tooltip to wrench informing players it will be consumed via autocrafting methods
    • THERMAL EXPANSION: removed storage drawers wood trim in saw mill recipes to fix wood dupe
    • BOTANIA: Fixed broken comprilla recipe
    • THERMAL EXPANSION: removed different tiers of induction smelters required for ore due to rare problems with script loading
    • RAILCRAFT: Fixed IE <-> RC coal coke ore dict entries

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