• Hi all,

    I'm interested in joining a server that looks for quality over quantity when it comes to players, too many times have I tried servers that are either torn to pieces by griefers or are so restrictive with item bans that it makes solo play more appealing. Currently I'm playing on a FTB Revelation server a friend at work set up but it has stability issues and rarely does anyone else play. Ideally what I'm interested in is a stable, non-restrictive server with an active community of players that have good attitudes.

    I'm 33 years old, live in the US, found your server listed on https://ftbservers.com, have never been banned from a server nor lied about my age on applications. Though I have lied to people directly when they seemed a little too interested in my personal information.

    I work in the Desktop Support department of a global banking company, spend about 5-6 nights a week playing on my PC after work and go to a friend's place to play board games the other nights of the week. Not surprisingly, I'm single. I like building computers though have been lazy about finishing my first water cooled PC, thinking about slapping an air cooler on it just to be done with the build. A somewhat unusual interest of mine would be the newest generation of MLP, I've gone to several conventions over the years and even met John De Lancie at one. The house I always build is based off of the architecture in the show and I may geek out with someone if I find they share the same interest. That being said, I like to think I'm one of the least obnoxious fans you'll meet and can handle everything up to outright hostility from others. All in all, I'm a friendly nerd looking to play with other friendly nerds.

    Hoping for the best,


  • Staff

    Heyo again!
    Well that sounds like us, we really want avoid banning things unless necessary and try to still maintain some sense of stability, if there are some issues always feel free to come yell at me on Discord.
    Desktop Support huh, I feel your pain 😛
    I was always to lazy to go water cooled, maybe some day. You doing a custom loop?
    Well have fun on the server, I've added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound 😉

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