• Age: 22
    Current country: United States
    Found you guys through minecraft server search
    Bans/Lying: Never been banned. I have lied about my age before but that was when I was 10 years old while I was trying to pass myself off for a 13 year old (they didn't buy it).
    I've been playing minecraft since the beta days. Since I was in middle school (Woah). Minecraft is a game that I've always found myself coming back to over the years. I've really enjoyed the tinkers construct mod, I love having my own custom tools that you can feel attached to. Outside of gaming, I like cooking, I can cook my own pasta from scratch. I've been also getting into woodworking recently, just helped out my buddy make an archery target stand. I am also a senior in college studying mathematics.

    I plan to focus on automation and building during my time with the server. I am fairly conscious of whatever lag I may be producing with what I am doing. If there are any community towns that are available to join then I would probably hop on that since I really like playing within a community. I've also been dabbling with rftool builder and would like to mess around with that (if you haven't banned it).
    Well, that's all I have to say!

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Sounds like we got about the same timeline, minus the college party :P
    There are a few towns, not sure if anyone is still looking for more members though. As for banning, we usually don't ban anything unless it crashes the server or has some ridiculously easy dupes, so the builder isn't banned though it can kill tickrate, so be careful with it and I wouldn't recommend it for long term quarrying.
    Anyway, I added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound!

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