• Hello everyone I am 20 years old. My name is Kenny and I am located in the United States. The server was recommended to me by my two long time friends senzodekker and DirtyKody.
    I have never been banned from a modded server or for griefing . I enjoy taking part in community servers, im a pretty extroverted guy. I began playing Minecraft when I was 14, around the time it came out and have enjoyed it ever since. Modded servers have always been a great time for me. As for IRL I live in the middle of nowhere(Rural Idaho) and fill my time with playing PC games such as DOTA, WoW, and Minecraft. I have been a student at ISU for 2 years now, majoring in wildlife management and biology.

  • Staff

    Hey there,
    enjoy playing with your buddies, added you to our whitelist!
    Welcome to Stonebound and have fun plying.

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