Optimist_Ink & Reminiscentlady

  • Hey!

    Looking to introduce my girlfriend to minecraft and FTB modpacks. Found this group while doing research for good medium population servers. We're both 23 and working and I want to introduce FTB as a good way to spend days and nights off together. I'm a huge fan of AE2 and Botania. Working as a concept artist outside of games. Have never been banned, previously played on Lolnet before I found this server.

    My username is: Optimist_Ink
    Her username is: Reminiscentlady

    Edit: I forgot to mention that previously I've played on FTB Infinity and used to run a small server for my friends and I in college that we cobbled together from junk computer parts. I dabble in scripting and running the server was good practice. We handed over the server to the next generation when I graduated. I'd like to share the same spirit of communication and collaboration with my partner who is only just getting into games.

    Edit Part 2:

    We're currently based in the US but I tend to move around a lot for work so my country and timezone can vary month to month, which is another reason why I'd like to introduce my partner to minecraft so we can still interact even though we are apart.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Sounds like a fun project and nice idea with handing them down to the next gen. Totally understand the gaming for a long distance relationship, really helps me and my girlfriend.

    However, from our guidelines:

    Every applicant must submit their own application with their own forum account. We use the forum to communicate about temporary and long term bans, as well as to announce pack changes and updates.

    So I've whitelist you, but your partner will have to apply separately. Welcome to Stonebound 🙂

  • Oops! sorry about that. She's very new so she's a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities. She spent an hour just going through JEI

    Thank you very much for the welcome! I'm looking forward to hanging out

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