• Hello, I am MurkyConspiracy (Nick), I am nineteen years old, and am currently in the US. I found Stonebound on the FTB revelation server list within the client itself. I don't believe I've ever been banned, I'd rather play with people than against them. I looked into Stonebound because it seems a lot more put together than most servers, and doesn't looked to be bogged down by hosting many different mod packs. I am a cyber security researcher in college now, working towards my Bachelor's currently, hoping to peruse my Doctoral. I program as a hobby, generally in c# but Java, Lua, and PHP come in handy to me. I am currently working on developing a game engine that runs on 3.5' Diskettes, called FloppyFrame. It is open source on GitHub. Other projects of mine include jewelry making, cooking, and playing pool! I got into Minecraft a long time ago, when I was closer to 13-14. I have fond memories of 1.6.7 with friends, and first discovering mods. I have been playing modded Minecraft sense then, and haven't looked back. I am not ashamed to say I own 5 copies of Minecraft (Java, Windows 10, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS4) and am debating buying the Nintendo Switch release. I am a creator in Minecraft, I like making machines and automation, but also quality buildings. I prefer to work with people in Minecraft, and talking over teamspeak or discord. I sometimes like to take a break from the tech heavy game play I'm used to, to farm and fish and explore. My favorite mod used to be MrCrayfish's furniture mod, but now I really enjoy Forestry by SirSengir'. I used to make a mod that me and my friends used that was similar to Forestry, but I have sense abandoned it sense Forestry's fruition. I am thinking about getting back into Minecraft's modding sense, but I have several projects I need to finish first.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest and sorry for the long wait!
    That's quite the resume, look forward to meeting you, I've added you to our whitelist.
    Welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you on the server soon 😉

  • Thank you so much! Ill be on while I have free time, I can't wait to play and hang out.

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