• IGN: Downymcdown
    Age: 15 (16 on June 23)
    Played: 4 years
    From United States (WI)
    Referred By: LogicEngineer (My brother) and Riewest
    Education: Sophmore in High School

    Hello, I am basing my application off of my brothers because I too, love playing modded Minecraft mainly because Vanilla gets boring to a point. I really like doing blood magic because the thrill of having to upgrade your blood altar in order to progress as well as big reactors because the reactors produce SO MUCH POWER!!! (WE NEED MORE POWER) I play all sorts of game but modded Minecraft is what interests me most I hope you will accept me to your servers I've been told that the servers are really good and have a lot of nice people and I hope I can be part of your modded Minecraft community.

    Downymcdown (aka Sam)

  • Looking forward to having an extra hand around when we get going on the new infinity skyblock. :D

  • Staff

    Hey Ninjacamel222 Downymcdown ,

    accepted, welcome to Stonebound! Since it has been over 3 years and you've been rather young when you got banned, we will give you a shot!
    Looking forward to seeing you on the server.

    @LogicEngineer keep the recruiting work up!

  • Thanks @phit happy to bring in more players. :)

  • @staff Ninjacamel222/Downymcdown changed his name to LilPerdz. He can't connect anymore. I'm pretty sure you use a system with UUID's so I don't know what the problem could be. Assistance with the matter would be great. Thanks!

  • Staff

    @logicengineer should be good now

  • Thanks phit.

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