• Hello everyone I am 17 years old. My name is Cody and I am located in the United States. I found you guys while looking for a revelations server to play on at ftbservers.com.

    I have never lied about my age, but have been banned from 2 other Minecraft servers. Both of these incidents happened when I was 15. Ya they were completely my fault I thought it would be a good idea to grief the admin. Luckily I'm not such a dipshit anymore.

    I began playing Minecraft when I was 11, the year it came out. I didn't own the game until around 2013. By this time I had been watching modded Minecraft for 2 years on YouTube and immediately downloaded the ftb launcher after purchasing and have only played with mods ever since.

    As for IRL I live in the middle of nowhere and fill my time with playing PC games such as DOTA and Minecraft. I also sped days at a time hiking through the woods cause what else would I be doing. 🙂 I also run cross country.

  • Staff

    Hey Cody!
    Thank you for your interest in our server and your honesty about your ban history. I'll give you a chance and I hope you have a good time here. Added you to the whitelist, welcome to Stonebound 😉

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