• 27 years old, female, USA. Found you guys from ftbservers.com. Never been banned nor had to lie about my age.

    A friend of mine had a server that he wanted me to play on, so I joined then. After they made it impossible to use minecraft without having an actual account. (we were all sharing off of his account) Back then it was tekkit but since tekkit has upgraded with all these things I have no clue about.

    I've been playing on adultcraft for a while, but the server I enjoyed most is no longer being used and I'm wanting to find a new "home". Somewhere full of kind people. My favorite part of minecraft is digging, so I enjoy going hunting for supplies for people who like to build. I think it's relaxing.

    Hobbies include reading, cross stitching, taking care of pets (cats, fish, birds, snake, gecko). I have social anxiety and depression so I don't really get out of the house to do things. My current goal is to get out to the gym more than once a month!

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the wait!
    We've been all super busy the last few days, and other staff stuff for our already joined members took priority over reviewing new application, hope you understand.
    Hope you find that here, we have a few nice people 😛 I added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and enjoy playing.

    Also going to the gym once a month is doing more than me, so don't feel bad!

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