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    IGN: HalfMine

    Age: 34

    Location: England

    Any Bans?: No, and that's not going to change

    How I found this server: Looking through servers online

    How I got into Minecraft: I'm a fairly new Minecraft player but I have played games like this before. When I first started playing I found the modded side of thing and enjoyed it. I recently upgraded my computer with my wage and this will allow me to play bigger and better modpacks such as the ones you offer in your community. From looking around this website this community looks extremely friendly and it is something I am extremely interested in.

    About me: I am a full time teacher within a primary school teaching year 4 children. I have quite a few spare hours that me and my husband like to spend playing computer games. When we are not on the computer we like to go out on dinner dates and walk our 3 dogs (Maisy, Sia, and Ella).

    I really hope my application is sufficient enough for me to join the server and your online community.


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