• Age: 16
    Country: US
    Found on: Public Servers List
    No history of bans or lying of age

    I got in to Minecraft probably around 5th grade. I got it simply because some of my friends got it. Eventually, I don't know how, I came across Direwolf20 who introduced me to modded Minecraft, particularly FTB, and I have never gone back since.

    My Favorite mod would have to be Thaumcraft, including its add-ons. I love the animations and refinement it has gone through and even, to an extent, the research system. Thaumcraft 6 is probably the mod I am most excited to see eventually come to 12.2.
    In 12.2, so far, my favorite mod is probably Thermal Expansion, as it has always been and will most likely continue to be my favorite tech mod.

    One of my favorite things to do in game is make clean looking automation and do magic mods.

    Outside of Minecraft, I am on a robotics team, which currently takes up a bit of my time, and also play soccer, which is not in season for me right now. For other games, at the moment I am playing Rocket League and Skyrim a lot, but I plan to also play PUBG after I upgrade my PC a bit, which I am waiting for the next shipment of RX Vega 56's to come in to do.

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    I've added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound. By the way we currently have a small Thaumcraft server up to try out the new 1.10.2 beta. You are more than welcome to join us on there, if you get tired of Revelation 😛 The details are on our Discord server.

  • Hey thanks! I'll have to check out that Thaumcraft server, sounds awesome!

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