• Not sure what the average age on the server is but I'm 30 years young.

    From Guam.

    Haven't played modded MC in a few years but wanted to try it out again.

    Never been banned before, used to play on a small server but they are pretty much burnt out from playing MC and no one seems too interested in playing atm so I'm out server hunting. Found your server through the public server list on the Revelation launcher and decided to apply since whitelisted servers just seem a little better than public ones.

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, based on your short application, we don't feel you would be a good fit here.
    I hope that you understand, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a server that is suitable for you.

  • Sorry. Let me try again.

    From Guam. Yes, the island that was in the news not long ago because North Korea said they were gonna nuke us.

    Age is 30.

    Unfortunately I'm really boring and don't do much outside of work but I like to cook and bake at home and am also into coffee and caffeinated beverages, moreso on ones that are not sweetened like sparkling water or nitro brewed coffee or if it is sweet then on the vein of home made sodas.

    I started minecraft a long ways back around 1.5? I don't quite remember. Might even be before that but I got burnt out pretty quickly until I tried modded. Though that lasted maybe 2 years before I stopped again due to its repetitive nature. Always wanted to get into building though as I really like design and architecture and while I did get better at it I never really was able to build anything spectacular since it always takes me a while to plan builds out in my head.

    I'm interested in joining the server as a hopes of I guess finishing my obsession with this game. I quit gaming for a few months but the past few days felt this pull back to modded. I want to fulfill my past dream of building a jawdroppingly awesome base that will leave me satisfied enough to hopefully be able to quit thinking of the game and what I could have done in it.

    As far as mods go I do have a strange pull to gregtech. I guess I enjoy the grind but also like how things make sense with it. Other mods I like are forestry and ae2. I like breeding trees and bees and ae2 while also somewhat grindy is really rewarding and so well made. It is probably the most impressive mod ive seen in terms of aesthetics and concept coming together in such a polished way. I haven't played modded for a few years though so I don't really remember what other mods I liked.

    I am quiet but not opposed to teamwork and community play. In fact I'm hoping this server will be more like the last one I played on which had a very intimate community feel to it. We all trusted and helped each other out a lot with the occasional prank here and there.

    Hope that was a long enough application. If I still get rejected after that then... well I wouldn't know what to say. Lol

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for telling us a bit more!
    You game, cook and bake, that doesn't sound too boring, more variety than me 😛
    Looking forward to that base, as for the last part, I think our server definitely can be that way if you are participating in chat and the right people are around. It's always hard to keep that kinda "one community" feel with people coming and leaving over the years.
    Either way, have fun on the server I've added you to our whitelist 🙂

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