• IGN: Arakhor
    Age: Turning 18 on March 18th

    About my Minecraft experience: I played a lot in early beta, 1.5 being my first version I believe, but dropped the game shortly before the release. A few weeks ago I picked the game again, attracted to mods. I had bit of a learning curve that finally led me to Infinity.
    I played a bit on a few public servers, which I didn't find to my liking due to a lot of content being removed, pay2win, or immature community. And singleplayer doesn't really do that for me, it never did.
    I found this server on FTB forums and I'd greatly appreciate putting me on it's whitelist.

    Best regards.

  • Staff

    Hey Arakhor,

    a few weeks ago and then already playing Infinity? damn. Anyways I went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound!
    I'll see you on the server once infinity skyblock expert comes out ;)

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