• IGN: LogicEngineer
    Age: 19
    Played: ~5 years
    From: United States (WI)
    Referred By: Riewest (He is my roommate in real life.)
    Education: In college with the goal of a computer science degree

    Hello, I very much enjoy modded Minecraft (I've even tried a bit of modding myself). Vanilla is great and all, but there is something about being able to construct giant nuclear reactors, fly around with jet-packs, and do crazy stuff like that, that you just can't get with vanilla Minecraft. I enjoy building large structures that are pleasing to the eye. I often delve into tech mods and occasionally a few magic mods. I've always wanted to build a cross-world rail system. I'm not sure if community projects are really much of thing on this server but if anyone wants to do something like that I'd be more than willing to help out. I'm not one to randomly attack people or start wars or anything, not with any seriousness anyway. I mostly keep to myself and build with my friends and other people on the server that seem like reasonable people. As I listed above, Riewest is my roommate. We both play more Minecraft than is probably good for us.


  • Don't trust his potato jetpacks, :wink: They may sound practical and delicious, but trust me they're deadly....

  • Staff

    Hey there,

    for cross world rail system it seems a bit late now, with the next server around the corner. But I'm sure you can find some people to build something like that on one of the next servers! I just whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound ;)

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