• Hi i am wanting to apply so i can play on your servers.
    My minecraft user name is Armies_Of_Me, I am 42 years old from Australia.
    I have never been barred from any servers or communities.
    I started playing MC with my son about 6 years ago. First vanilla, than with a few mods added and last year or 2 FTB evolved, beyond and revelations as they have been released. My son, his friends and i play a lot of private servers and local hosted games. Usually big high tech builds. I love chisel and high tech work and probably spend way to much time on M C.
    My latest build on a beyond lan game with my son was a massive steampunk styled Colosseum a hundred blocks off the ground with a massive extreme reactor with 2 turbines off each side underneath surrounded by 12 draconic L7 power cores half embedded into the base to make it look like the cores were making it hover in mid air, lots of chiselled pillars and powered spawners to battle mobs, all done in survival
    Outside of MC i am an accountant/GSO with 18 y/o twins that loves bonsai, psytrance and dogs. I also coach a women's soccer team.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Sounds like a epic base, looking forward to what you come up with on our servers. I added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and enjoy your time here.

  • Thanks guys appreciate it looking forward to playing

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