• Hello everybody,

    I am Owilius, 25 years old and come from Germany.

    First of all, please don't mind the e-mail I use. It's an old one I made when I was 13 years old. (It also was my first ever xD)

    Second, most other germans I have met online aren't the friendliest, so please forgive us. Well at least me.

    I found you through the Serverlist Ingame ;D

    No bans so far... I think... At least none I know of.

    When did I start?
    I play Minecraft since... When did the Alpha start again? Around 2009?

    What did I play so far?
    When I started to play with some friends we promptly decided to make a little private server.

    After a few breaks and starting again, eventually some of us found modpacks and tried many so far. Longest I have played were Mindcrack and Direwolf.

    Another break came up and two weeks ago two friends of mine asked again to play Minecraft. So we started SkyFactory which isn't really what I like about Minecraft.
    So I began to search for the right Modpack and tried some of the new ones. Well I have not played this one yes either, because I have not found a decent Server yet. And this is where I am now^^.

    The perfect Modpack?
    I thought this would be a good theme to continue, as I stated to have been through a lot of Modpacks so far.
    I would like to have a Modpack where the borders to the sky are Higher. With this a lot of floating Islands can be created, with different biomes on each or maybe more biomes on a bigger one. There are places with more and less flying islands and a world to explore. You build bridges, Staircases and maybe find other ways to travel from island to island.
    This leads to the next I wish the perfect Modpack to have: An Explorable world (which is why I don't like Skyfactory) I love to travel the lands and search for the right place to build my own little town. (starting with one building stretching to a little town^^)
    Also I like Magic-Mods like Thaumcraft miced with Tech! This way you can build futuristic or magical Homes the way you like. The twilightforest also is a nice Mod to have.

    This leads to what I build:
    I hate people ruining the world with big ass blocks of copplestone or other not fitting buildings. And I hate people which just dig a squared hole to get some materials. When i am farming or building I like to have my environment stay naturally, or at least look naturally. When I harvest trees I mostly set in new ones. When Getting Sand I take the upper layer or farm in the ocean. A way most people won't notice I took from the environment. Same for dirt.
    Also when tech is involved I first start to build a fancy home before starting tech xD (Or at least a place I like to stay in). This leaves me behind but when playing with friends I build us a home and other made the machines in our basement.
    Starting from that home I try to build a little village with some gadgets like a Railway or something and coming so far, I have been writing so much I had no time playing mincraft >.>

    Well it would be great to be accepted.
    In great anticipation,

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Ich weiß ja nicht, so schlimm sind wir auch nicht zumindest nicht in der Minecraft Community 🙂
    Hope you have a good time on the server and sorry for the extended wait! Welcome to Stonebound.

  • Thanks a lot =D

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